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Tamarind has amazing spatial perception, and captures the personality of place and space, as well as people. She did a photo shoot of our newly remodeled office and staff for the launch of our website and did a fantastic job. Our space is full of curves and reflection with rows of mobile mirrors--quite challenging for any photographer! Previous photographers avoided the mirrors altogether, however Tamarind developed the concept of incorporating the mirrors into the images which produced rich depthful imagery. Her professionalism and dedication to and enjoyment of her work is evident. Tamarind is a natural who helps even the most camera-shy relax.

- Kerrie Voloa, Practice Manager, Eye Carumba Optometry

I worked with Tamarind on the cover photography for my Christmas single, "Santa, Have You Been Good?"  I could not have asked for a more creative, resourceful, and amiable photographer for this project. Going in, I had a basic idea for what I wanted, but by the end of the shoot Tamarind had managed to devise a brilliant range of options for me to choose from, including the strong, simple, provocative image that we eventually decided to use for the cover. Throughout the shoot she made sure that I was comfortable and engaged, and kept things fun at all times. She brought an assortment of props, costumes, and lighting options, all of which enhanced the quality of the photographs we captured. The final product exceeded my expectations, and still makes me smile every time I see it. 

- Genevieve Conaty

Tamarind Free Jones is a joy to work with. She deftly combines creativity, professionalism, and warmth to make an easy and enjoyable photo session and a memorable product.  She understood my needs for my music CD project and easily helped me realize them! I felt attended to as a unique individual, and supported to easily express myself. She’s great at holding the big picture and all of the little meaningful details.  She has a wonderful way of offering encouragement and her considerable professional experience to bring out just what I wanted. Expert, creative, energetic, warm, professional—Tamarind is all the best things!  Kathleen DunbarHaving worked with Tamarind several times now, I find her style and warmth to be exceptionally disarming and invocative of a very relaxed atmosphere.  She makes it incredibly easy to relax and explore a deeper place from which the real is able to be expressed freely and her sensitivity of when to capture an image is uniquely gifted.

- Kathleen Dunbar

Compositionally I also feel her sense of structure and subtlety bring out tremendous depth of feeling and really truly accurately reflect the spirit of each person and moment and thing that she is photographing.

The experience of working with Tamarind is one that always leaves me smiling and happy.  I would recommend her for personal and professional projects alike.

- Pauline Chew, Project Manager, Oculus Management Inc.

I have worked with Tamarind for years and she is responsible for my most printed photos to date.  You’ll see her photos on my album covers, in numerous online and print articles, on many concert posters and promotional materials, all over my website and chronicling the highlights of my music career on the stage and in the recording studio.  I love working with her because she is spontaneous, real, fun and creative.  She is very professional and is dedicated to producing top notch work both during shoots and in post-production when editing, adding effects and mastering design work.  I am always impressed by her fresh approach and her ability to capture the beauty of her subject in a sexy and authentic way.
- Lucia Comnes

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